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Structural buildings

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“I am pleased to highly recommend Structural Buildings, Inc. as a premier building company for a variety of buildings. Over the past 20 years, even before we started The Mustard Seed, we used Structural Buildings to construct everything from simple pole barns to elaborate garden center buildings. We have found them to be exceptionally creative in the design process and very flexible in meeting our varied needs. Each time we have worked with them, they have exhibited flexibility and professionalism as we worked through the details before, during and after our construction.

pole barn house interior


Though price is never the most important aspect of a quality project, we have always felt Structural has given us the best value for our money. They also start their projects on time and finish on schedule, which isn’t always easy given the variety of conditions and weather we experience in Minnesota. Though we have had very few concerns after construction, Structural has always responded quickly and fairly to any questions we have had and they stand behind their commitments 100%.

pole barn house with basement


We have worked with literally dozens of builders and contractors and I can honestly say that none have been better to work with than Structural Buildings. Whatever your project, whether it be large or small, detailed or simple, I highly recommend you consider Structural as one of your options. If you do, I think you will see the difference right up front and you will be glad you did!”

- Mark D. Halla Steward

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