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Faqs – heritage restorations

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Heritage Restorations offers complete Architectural design / build services. We are AIA members staffed to produce Architectural drawings and details. Re-claimed timber design and construction is a unique construction type. Designing and building projects from concept to completion is an exciting way for us to explore the large number of options available in a re-purposed custom space.

barns converted into homes


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  • Step 1: Select your timber frame
  • Each barn in our inventory has a unique history, timeline, scale and form. Our timber framing crew is excellent craftsman and often modifies frames in the restoration process to meet specific constraints, or better accommodate a larger design concept. While the restoration process allows much flexibility, a selected frame introduces certain givens for how we are going to approach the overall design. For instance, there might be specific markings on the frame we want to showcase or specific timbers that should to frame a key space. On the other hand, your general design might be more flexible and instead your barn selection is driven by the story behind a specific frame,

    barns transformed into houses


    when it was harvested from the virgin forest, where it was found, or what species of wood was it crafted. In either case, we find that selecting the right frame is the best place to start the process. We become engaged in your development, considering many facets of the larger building you want to complete and begin making frame recommendations, while advising you of a particular frame’s, history, location, best timbers, and modification options.

    barns into homes


    Step 2: Program your Building

    Once a timber frame is selected our design team can begin working with the givens the barn produces, and gather information from your vision to build a design program that will lead us to a specific design solution. We’ll consider your space needs, space relationships, frame features, and modification options. Sometimes the complete design may be fully contained inside the limits of your historic frame. Other times we’ll introduce a number of conventionally framed additions that are incorporated into the design to offer additional spaces the frame on its own doesn’t accommodate according the developed program. This decision affects the over-all exterior form of the building is defined early in the process. Your involvement is critical and guides us in reaching design solutions that will ultimately meet your needs.

    barns converted into houses


    Step 3: Material Selection

    In custom Architecture available materials have seemly endless options, we try to determine at a performance level the exterior materials in the design process as they affect important Structural and Architectural construction assemblies. We offer photo real exterior renderings of your building to help visualize the final product as part of our standard design process. As we wrap up the design phase of the project it is

    Important to us the building performs, Architecturally, Structurally, Mechanically, and Environmentally as well as it looks. Developing final construction assemblies occurs as you solidify material specifications and approve the final building form.

    Step 4: Building your Development

    As a General Contractor, your design team is feeding you current construction pricing through-out the design process, so you’re equipped to make educated design decisions effectively avoiding a budget crisis at the end of the Design phase, or worse in the Construction phase. Key areas of interest are determined early so the budget is

    properly divided offering the areas most important to you an appropriate budget. Our construction team works inside the budget and offers weekly updates in cost and schedule through an interactive area of our website that allows you convenient access to current pictures, drawings, contracts, and costs and give you the control to allow access to family and friends as momentum builds to see your project come to final completion.

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