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Construction of dutch barn houses – 1945

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Two questions, why do you think it is Fairfield and are you sure of the date is 1945? No council houses were being built in 1945 as all efforts were still on winning a war which went on until August 15th 1945 when Victory over Japan was announced. If it is 1945 then they are the two houses built on Durham Road alongside two more houses which were the more conventional brick built and square houses, all four of which still stand on Durham Road. They were built as samples which Stockton Council inspected then decided on which type would be built for the men and women coming back from long years in the forces. I worked with a tradesman called Steve Small finishing off work tops and fitting some facings in the kitchen of all four houses and have told that story on here. I left my blood in a couple as it was very hard work for a lad just sixteen although Steve was determined to complete the job. The stainless steel pressed tops came from Sweden and we only had hand held tools hence the blood. The square built houses were those built on Ragworth which took nearly four years to build. Roseworth was started in several places at once the first houses being Ravenscar Cr. Shortly after they began Building Rudyard Ave and the area around plus some houses at the top of Renvyle Ave. people were moving in to Roseworth shortly after 1950. The land on Durham Road the houses were built on was at the time a long meadow, the houses being built in an open space between existing houses, Arthur Brown of Browns Sheet Metal Works lived in a pre-war house a short distance from those houses.

barn houses pictures


I am sure all this could be checked by a look at the Council notes at the time.

barn shaped house


pictures of barn houses


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