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Barn home plans – davis frame

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Classic Barn Plans

Centuries-old timber frame barns are so handsome and sturdy that it’s increasingly common to see them painstakingly converted into beautiful homes. Achieve a similar aesthetic with our Classic Barn Series.

building pole barn


Classic Cabin Plans

Our Classic Cabin timber frame series was designed with hikers, hunters and those looking for a small weekend getaway in mind. We have designed a few cabin models to include one level plans and a couple of the cabins include sleeping lofts. Check out our cabin plans today!

building a barn house


Classic Cape Plans

We’ve borrowed from the simplicity and symmetry of historical homes in seaside towns to design our Classic Cape Series. Found from the beaches of Rhode Island to the coast of Maine, the cape design has endured the test of time. The hallmarks of this one-and-a-half-story style include steep roof pitches, dormers that increase usable space on the second story, small roof overhangs, and minimal ornamentation.

building a barn home


Classic Chalet Plans

With widely-overhanging eaves, low-pitched roofs, exposed rafters and corbelled or curved exterior braces, these two-story Swiss and alpine-inspired designs are a natural choice for a site with steep slopes. Historically and traditionally, the classic chalet was square-shaped and had either whitewashed plaster or stucco for the first floor exterior, while the second floor was wood-sided.

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Classic Colonial Plans

Very popular in the American colonies from 1690 to 1830, the distinctive features of a colonial style home include the squared symmetrical shape, central door, and straight aligned windows on the first and second floors. English-style colonial homes were often done in brick with wood trim, and wooden columns that were painted white. American colonials were traditionally done in both brick and wood with clapboards which were usually painted white or pale yellow.

Classic Farmhouse Plans

Typically situated not far from the barn and other outbuildings, the farmhouse was the soul of the family farm. It came to stand as a symbol of self-reliance, hard work and homey comfort. Our Classic Farm House Series was designed to offer solid comfort and lots of flexibility for the interior plan.

Classic Homestead Plans

Inspired by the simplicity of homes built by early homesteaders, our Classic Homestead Series features simple roof lines, informal compositions, modest interior spaces and charming second-floor rooms with sloping walls and dormers.

Classic Mountain Haus Plans

Stonework, steep roof, simple materials-all are trademarks of homes made to withstand the rigors of mountain living. The Mountain Haus Series is designed to maximize views and is suitable for both sloped and flat terrain.

Classic Studio Plans

These versatile studio plans suit a wide range of uses. For artists and musicians, the studio home can function as a combination working/living space. A modest, livable space, it also works well as a summer vacation home, guest house or outbuilding.

Classic Sugar House Plans

The traditional sugar house was a small cabin where springtime sap was collected from sugar maple trees and then boiled into maple syrup. These buildings were recognizable by the typically rectangular vented cupola that allowed the release of steam, and an attached shed roof for the storage of firewood. We’ve borrowed from this charming architectural form with its humble origins to create bright and comfortable homes.

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