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Affordable portable introduces texas ez log tiny houses

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With the new distributorship for EZ Log buildings, our business made a radical leap forward in 2014. Another exciting event was watching the first of over 100 EZ Log Micro Homes being constructed at a new community site being prepared as a positive solution for the homeless by Mobile Loaves & Fishes (please see the video at TexasEZLog.com).

barn looking houses


Now that we’ve entered 2015, we’re expecting even greater things for the year to come, beginning with our EZ Log Tiny Home installation as a featured exhibitor at the Austin Home and Garden Show in the Austin Convention Center (January 16 – 18), and another large trade show next month in Dallas. Please visit our space in the Austin Home & Garden Show, where you can experience several of our EZ Log Tiny House models, gain a first hand sense of the strength and quality of these buildings, view the complete catalog, and meet with our representatives.

barn house doors


Interlocking, stacked wall EZ Log cabins and homes are also available in larger sizes, including two story versions, and larger ranch style homes. We have many in-stock models to choose from at our warehouse on I-35 near Braker Lane. In addition to these, dozens of other models may be ordered from the catalog. Many different options are available when ordering our thick timber, larger EZ Log Buildings. These include higher walls and ceilings, lateral dimensional changes, custom floor plans, garages, and double wall kits for added insulation. The entire product catalog can be accessed from the EZ Log website and five different videos detail the construction process on the website’s video page.

house with barn


Our Sheds and Barns continue to gain sales momentum, as more customers learn the advantages of buying factory direct. Besides the obvious cost savings, our Affordable Portable customers are provided with a wider array of options, including custom window and door locations, wall height choices, roll-up or swinging garage doors, lighting and wiring, roof shingle colors, exterior siding and trim color selections, various roof vent options, and the option for rugged Hardie board siding in durable colors. If you need a backyard shed, barn, garage, or pool house, give us a call, or visit either of our two locations where many of our shed and barn models, as well as our gazebos, can be seen in person. We’re looking forward to meeting you, and learning how we can meet your needs in 2015.

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