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10 modern houses inspired by barns – design milk

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Photo by Tim Crocker

The Stealth Barn was designed and built by Carl Turner Architects as a guest house or studio on an already established property. The structure is simple, but bold sitting next to the adjacent brick barn.

barn style house


With a classic barn form, the Sebastopol Barn House, designed by Anderson Anderson Architecture, is clad with wood that came from an historic timber frame structure that was taken apart and cleaned up in Texas before it landed in its California location.

barn styles


Photo by Will Layzell Photography

Designed by Nash Baker Architects, the Bourne Lane house was inspired by Kent-style barns with its characteristic black timber sidingВ andВ pitched roof structure. Wooden louvers help shade the interior from too much sunlight and add a layer of privacy.

Photo by Dan Dealy

The Hebron House, by Benjamin Oliver AD, preserves what was left of a barn on a piece of property in Hebron, Connecticut, and builds a modern, New England barn-style home for a homeowner that loves horses.

Photo by Adam Currie

Working with an existing stone barn, this house designed by McGarry-Moon Architects focuses on the surrounding views and bringing in the most amount of natural light possible through the large panes of windows.

Photo by Maik Perfahl

Located in Austria, The Barn was created by Mark Neuner and Mostlikely Architecture with the idea of keeping the design in line with the historic mountain village as a way to respect and preserve its idyllic image.

Photo by Erik Hesmerg

Barn House Eelde, located in Eelde, The Netherlands was designed by Kwint Architects and Aatvos using the simple Drenthe barn typology prevalent in its countryside locations. The exterior is clad with a layer of wooden blinds that add privacy for the interior when they’re closed and create outside privacy when they’re open.

Photo by Mike Sinclair

This Weston, Missouri (right outside of Kansas City) barn was designed by El Dorado to complement an already existing farmhouse built in the 1880s on a working farm. The frame is built from wood that was salvaged from a barn structure that was demolished.

A midwestern Blair Barnhouse, designed by Alchemy Architects, that takes inspiration from the 19th century but with all modern conveniences. It’s clad with barn siding that lets light filter in through some of its boards.

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