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Pole barns are economical buildings that go up quickly, offer incredible flexibility and can be finished any way you want, with brick, stone, EIFS, vinyl siding or steel. And if you choose to finish the interior,В pole barnsВ offer superior energy efficiency compared to steel-frame, concrete block or stud wall construction.

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FBi was founded in the 1950s and is a leadingВ pole barn builder. We are one of the largest pole barn companies in the country and have pioneered many innovations that raised the bar for the entire industry.

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You may have noticed that we and other pole barn builders use a variety of terms to describe our buildings, such as “post-frame buildings,” “wood-frame buildings,” “timber-frame structures” or “metal buildings.” This can be confusing, so let us explain.

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An introduction to pole barns

What exactly is a pole barn? For starters, an FBi pole barn technically isn’t a pole barn at all. It is a precisely engineered wood-frame structure suitable for a wide range of uses, from complex, high-end commercial buildings down to simple storage sheds.

Very few builders actually still use poles for columns. FBi was the first in the industry to start using square posts, clear back in 1958. Most of our competitors soon followed, hence the term “post-frame buildings.”

However, our techniques continued to evolve. Square posts were replaced by precisely laminated wood columns in the 1980s, which provided superior strength and preservative treatment compared to solid posts. Then, starting in 2002, FBi was one of the first to offer steel-reinforced concrete Perma-Columns.

However, once a term becomes well known in the marketplace, it tends to stick. That’s why many people still refer to wood-frame buildings as “pole barns” and we still use the term “post-frame.”

Some post-frame builders now favor terms like “wood-frame” or “timber-frame.” It doesn’t matter to us what you call our buildings, just so long as you call us when you need one.

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