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How to design a barn with living quarters – salter spiral stair

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A cozy bedroom fits well into the rustic dГ©cor of a barn with living quarters. Whether you like your bedroom to be full of light and airy or you like rich colors with deep tones that make you want to curl up in bed, a barn bedroom is for you. Depending upon what materials you use, you can create your ideal space.

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Basic Designs

You can use different materials in the basic design of your room to achieve different aesthetics. The common thread between both is the wood paneling that has been common throughout the barn apartment thus far. If you like a light and open space, white wood panels can be added to your walls for a ship’s lap effect. The white will reflect any light coming into the space making it feel bigger and brighter. White wash wood is also a great option for your floor. The grey tone adds depth to the room, but it’s still light enough to keep it open. Vaulted ceilings open up the space further.

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If you’re the type of person that wants a dark and cozy room that is full of warm tones, keep the same natural wood paneling that you used in the kitchen or living rom. Your wood floor can be finished and stained a darker color. The key to a comfortable room is to use rich tones that have depth.

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If you’re goal is to create a bright open space, focus on using lighter colors in your furnishings. Off whites and pastel blues are popular options for textiles used in this space. The key is to use muted tones that aren’t going to overpower any serenity that you’ve created with your light color walls and floors. You can incorporate visual interest by using smaller patterns that feature tone on tone colors. Darker rooms that exude comfort feature dark charcoals and darker taupe tones. These colors don’t overwhelm the space, but add a layer of comfort that you may not find in lighter color families. Thick knit blankets can add texture to your bed.

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No matter which design aesthetic you choose, your bedframe will probably be one of three options: all wood, metal, or an upholstered piece. All wood headboards can be made from pallets as a DIY project or simply attached different wood panels together to create the headboard. You can finish the wood to match the rest of your dГ©cor. If you want to add an industrial touch to your rustic home design, you can use a metal bed frame. Usually made from repurposed pipes, you can get them in either a metallic silver or a black color. The silver pipes are perfect for your bright bedroom and the black frame caters to the darker colors used for the other design. For a luxurious feeling, a quilted upholstered headboard can fit into any home design. You can change the fabric based on what look you’re wanting to achieve.

DГ©cor Accents

Lighting is one of the key features of any room. In your bedroom, you want to create a relaxing ambiance with your light. If you want a softer lighting option than a standard lamp or ceiling light fixture, string lights are the perfect solution. They create a glow rather than a beam of light. They also have the flexibility to be strung anywhere in the room. If you want your room to feel bigger, a large mirror is an easy way to extend the space. The reflection helps the room to feel longer.

Barn Bathrooms

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