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“TO: Nick Alessandro & Diamond State Pole Buildings Employees

Dear Nick, Just wanted to send a note to express our appreciation and gratitude regarding the construction of our pole building. The time and effort, along with the hours spent being sure that everything was completed to satisfaction says, “A job well done by all your Employees.”

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There are not enough words to tell you how extremely pleased we are with our new pole building. Ralph, especially, is so extremely happy with a building that has been his dream for many years, and, finally has, and I, in turn, am happy for him.

pole barn home interior


Please give a special “Thank you, ” to Robert for all his communication and kindness in keeping us informed of each and every step of the construction.

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Also, a very special “Thank you,” to Ivan and Vernon for the actual construction, and to Mr. King and his sons for the nice, detailed concrete work. All of them were very hard and diligent workers in seeing that what was needed to be done was done.

pole barn homes interior


Last, but, definitely not least, our sincerest “Thank you” to you, Nick, for your kindness and patience, in taking time to meet with us and to plan in detail our beautiful pole building. It is really nice to know how dependable your company is. What a wonderful feeling to know that there is such a wonderful company as Diamond State Pole Buildings that strives for customer satisfaction for their clients.

We truly hope that our paths cross again. We believe that YOU are the BEST in the work that you do.

  • Our sincerest regards,”
  • Ralph & Barbara E.

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