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Affordable pole barn kits

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Our metal pole barn kits include material delivery in 3-5 weeks based upon region and time of year. We provide detailed structural plans, a summary material list, shipping schedule and only premium quality materials for your project.

pole barn garage


Need help? We provide free technical support all the way from product identification after delivery to complete construction of the project.

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Available nationwide including Michigan, Ohio, Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Missouri, Colorado, New York, Kentucky. Pole barn kits quoted include delivery. Turnkey installations available nationwide. Engineer stamped plans available for additional fee.

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Barn Kit Engineering

Our packages are designed with 8′ or 9′ post spacings and 4′ or 4′ 6″ truss spacings with purlins flat connecting trusses on the top chord. Girts are nailed to the outside perimeter of the posts but other options are available for some commercial style buildings.

pole barn trusses


Trusses are rated as either Category I or II depending on utilization. We supply trusses with a Ct thermal rating that is unheated as this simply increases the strength of the truss since no allowance is make for snow melting due to a heated building. Exposure is either B or C (extremely exposed to wind) base upon permitting requirements.

Laminated posts are available as an option. Some designs default to laminated posts due to engineering concerns. These posts are not field built. They come as a manufactured unit consisting of multiple plys of #1 dimensional lumber surfaced on all four sides, finger jointed, glued, then pressed together. Finally, the assembly is ring shank nailed except for the post top. These units are straight, strong and light compared to sawn posts like 4×6 or even 6×6 posts. Also a laminated post will not twist as it dries out for years like a sawn post can.

Six feet of the embedded end of the post is treated with CCA to a .60 retention level. This treatment includes arsonic and is the most effective type available.(UC4B)

Steel siding and roofing consists of USA manufacured #1 coils with a 40 year paint system warranty or better. Don’t void your warranty during construction by cutting the metal with any device that produces heat. Not only will the metal rust where heat is applied, the area around it will be sprayed with hot metal slivers that will promote rust and decay all around where you cut. Use tin snips, a portable shear, or a nibbler.

A nice little extra that we include in every building package is the use of #1 lumber for all skirt board, truss supports, and door headers. #1 lumber is rated as such due to its superior grain, consistency, and straightness. Why is it straight? Simply put, the slope of the grain. The slope of the grain is one characteristic used in grading lumber. As lumber dries ‘checks’ form which are very small cracks. If the checks form with the grain of the lumber, then less twisting will occur and the lumber qualifies as #1 if it possesses the other required characteristics.

Engineered & Custom Plans

We provide engineered plans for all designs offered for an additional fee. We can include customization such as attic or floor trusses, lofts, wood flooring systems, gambrel, raised center aisle (Monitor) and multiple wing structures.

APB plans are offered with building material sales only. Engineered prints also require material sales.

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