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Turn your manufactured home into a rustic log cabin beauty – modulog industries, inc.

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Visit ModulogUSA.com for more details about getting Cedar Log Siding on your manufactured home

Modulog Log Siding replaces the standard profile of a manufactured home with the look of a beautiful, authentic-looking log cabin home. In our photos, you can see the patented, crisscrossing solid-log corners that create the appearance of rustic, old-fashioned log cabin homes.

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The Right Fit

Modulog’s exterior log siding works well on any factory-built home. Modulog Log Siding is manufactured from Western Red cedar (STK KD) and is precision machined for a weather-tight fit. Install it right over your existing manufactured home siding to add even more insulation value on top of what is already designed into the structure’s wall system.

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Easy to Install

We make it easy to install Modulog log siding. Your Modulog Log Siding Conversion Kit comes with thorough installation instructions that require only ordinary carpentry tools. Whether you decide to save time by hiring a contractor or you elect to do the job yourself, the dramatic improvement to your home’s appearance and insulation is well worth the effort.

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All the Help You Need

Our Modulog Log Siding Conversion Kits include all the products and information you need to successfully convert your manufactured home. Kits include:

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Cedar log siding with Modulog’s patented full log corners (pre-stained, if desired)

  • Cedar trim for all doors and windows
  • Stainless steel or galvanized fasteners
  • Vulkem lifetime caulking
  • Fixture bases with hardware
  • Electric outlet trim
  • Inside corners (if needed)
  • Rustic gable and/or foundation vents (if needed)
  • 7.5-inch wood columns if needed (for deck uprights)
  • Our Accessories page has photos of components to complete your log home look.

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