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Bruce Wayne was banished to the wilderness until the Nineties generation had atoned for its sins and he could return with a serious origins story. Christopher Nolan banished the memory of rubber nipples with the remarkable achievement of convincing audiences that dressing as a tiny flying mammal is a perfectly rational response to the threat of organised crime.

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With a production based back in the UK, there’s once again the opportunity to use a genuine stately home. In this case it’s Mentmore Towers, built in the 1850s for the Rothschild banking family in the Buckinghamshire countryside.

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Closely modelled on a genuine Tudor manor house in the Midlands, Mentmore has had an eventful history, making headlines in 1977 when its entire contents were lost to the nation and sold off by auction house Sothebys. It went on to become the headquarters for Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s University of Natural Law ” pioneers of yogic flying. After the levitating meditators had finally flown, there were plans to turn it into a luxury hotel, which rumbled on for decades. Fortunately, the economic downturn stymied the intended addition of a new wing. Mentmore remains currently vacant, though its grounds are now used as a golf course.

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You might recognise Mentmore as the ‘Long Island’ mansion to which Tom Cruise gains admission for the rather strange party in Stanley Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut.

º Don’t miss: a round of golf. Obviously.

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