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You are expected to furnish your apartments. Doing a good job will raise the stats of your apartment — its rent and comfort, as well as its seasonal upkeep costs. A higher comfort stat allows you to convince better tenants to move in, and also gets you a higher deposit.

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Tenants will use their furnishings, producing Research Points and acquiring skill in one of many hobbies. For example, when a tenant uses a telephone, they produce a small amount of RP and gain skill in the Chatting hobby. Furnishings level up as they are used, adding to their stats and maxing at level 10.

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Some furnishings do not work as described above. Some cannot be used by tenants, meaning they cannot be leveled and do not produce RP or hobby skill (ex: rugs, trees, flooring). Still others can be used but cannot be leveled (ex: doors). Flooring is a special kind of furnishing that combines with others to produce special rooms.

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You begin the game with access to only a few kinds of furnishings. New furnishings become available for research as your tenants use furniture or try new jobs, or as you win them from scratch cards.

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Small apartments can hold up to 16 furnishings; medium apartments can hold 32; large apartments can hold 64.

Getting TenantsEdit

When you have completely furnished an apartment, you can rent it out via the estate agent.

As your building grows, more agencies are interested and you may find Special People.

Special People are the famous and request to live in your apartment with a certain ticket fee.

  • There are three agencies:
  • Local Agency – Neigbourhood flyers
  • Regional Agency – Around the wider area
  • National Agency – Around the whole country
  • FamilyEdit Where family is concerned, your tenants follow a straight path to the nuclear family model. Your adult age tenant falls in love with a member of the opposite sex and, after a period of courtship, they propose. If their proposal is successful, their love interest will move into their apartment as a “homemaker”. After marriage, tenants begin to have children, housing one or two at a time depending on the size of their apartment. Marriages are only possible if the tenants have permits (see below). When it comes to choosing, make sure that you chose somebody with enough pay and money to pay rent, otherwise you might not get enough money.

    You can tell when a couple is about to have kids when you see them near the crib saying things like “So excited!”. After a short time of this behavior, a kid will be born.

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