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Barn homes and apartments – conestoga buildings

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How many horse owners or barn lovers haven’t dreamt of somehow combining their living quarters with the rustic charm of a horse barn?

renovated barn homes


Well, with the movement toward smaller homes and the steadily rising cost of purchasing and maintaining traditional homes ” barn homes and barn apartments (sometimes called barndominiums) are fast becoming the top item on peoples’ wish lists and their to-do lists.

custom barn homes



Adding living quarters to a horse barn design does more than make a statement (although it does indeed make a statement). Barn apartments and pole barn home plans are versatile and flexible in terms of both design and functionality.

manufactured barn homes


Add an innkeeper’s or caretaker’s residence with all the quaint comforts of a country home.

Build a mother-in-law suite above or around your horse stables for comfort, charm and guests’ privacy.

barn homes


barn homes oklahoma


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