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6 barns converted into beautiful new homes

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This barn conversion in Belgium by BURO II rocks our world. Thanks to a concerted effort to maintain the tradition tied up with the original building, the innovative renovation has a regal aura that demands respect. With openings on either end that frame the verdant landscape and copious natural light, the structure retains its intimacy with the land.

barns made into houses


  • Image via Blackburn Architects
  • 5. New River Bank Barn, Leesburg, Virginia
  • When Blackburn architects first came across the dilapidated New River Bank Barn in Leesburg, they didn’t see the wear and tear of 200 years, they saw a sparkling new home that would go on to receive a host of prizes. Although the team managed to preserve much of the barn’s original structure, they did end up wrapping the entire barn with new Structural Insulation Panels (SIP) and board-and-batten panels. And the new glazed northeast facade with views of the Potomac River gives the home a spectacular, contemporary lift. This is definitely one for the history books.

    houses made from barns


  • Image via Shed Architecture and Design
  • 6. Whidbey Island Barn Renovation, Washington State
  • Then an up-and-coming design firm and now full-fled magicians of the craft, Shed Architecture & Design took an old barn in Whidbey Island, Washington and transformed it into a charming new home and guest house. Prior to taking on the project, the design team lived on site as part of their research process. They reclaimed wood formerly applied to the exterior inside, Old wood from the exterior is reclaimed and reused inside the home, which was carved up to create the main kitchen and living space, a bunk room and an upstairs apartment.

    homes made from barns


    Lead image (modified) via Shutterstock

    barns made into homes


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