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Wilsonart laminates by hvg decorative building products

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” selector Wilsonart has released its new range of laminate textures, colours and sophisticated woodgrains. The new additions are:

wilsonart countertop colors


Designer White

Wilsonart’s new Designer White 07 gives you a fresh take on high wear clean white. With a smooth waxy finish it updates the look to the more natural feeling textures currently coming through interiors, balancing well when combined with natural timber textures and concrete finishes.

wilsonart laminate countertops colors


The 07 finish is achieved with AEON technology, giving you the unique opportunity to select a non gloss finish with unsurpassed scratch, scuff and mar resistance.

Looking for a high gloss, try our Designer White 01 with AEON technology.

Painted Cottage White Pine

Painted Cottage White Pine adds a light wood grain with a casual warmth and elegance to the range. Paired back styling mixed with warm Oak’s, and charcoal stones work beautifully with the Wood Matt texture of this design.

Relativo Our four new Relativo designs introduce the perfect modern neutral palette upon which to build your scheme. A refined woodgrain structure in a Wood Matt texture can be worked into either more structured or casual relaxed interiors with equal success.

Textus Epitomising the natural look of a simple linen weave our new Textus designs add beautiful refined texture to an interior scheme. Combine textural elements to create a feeling of harmony.

Goosebery, Primerose, and Kiwi

Let the outdoors come in with our fresh Goosebery, Primerose and Kiwi greens. Green is the most restful colour for the human eye symbolising growth, harmony, freshness, and fertility. Used in living spaces it creates a feeling of peace and relaxation.

Rose Bougainvillee and Provence

Create utopia using a hint of seductive colour. Tie it back to a sophisticated palette with cool greys and blonde woodgrains.

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