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Wilsonart laminate help needed!

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I have gotten the 8 x 10 samples from Wilsonart on the above pictures (plus a whole lot more!) I narrowed it down to these so far. I agree with the gloss – couldn’t stand it. All I saw were finger prints on the sample, and then tested it with a knife the results were not good.

wilsonart rustic slate


In regards to weight – we aren’t adding any real additional weight than what we already have. The cabinets will be a little bit heavier but we are not putting stone countertops in. Laminate wood flooring by pergo is not as heavy as hardwood not to mention the entire house has had the floors replace so we are good there.

wilsonart cabinets


As far as the countertop and the undermount sink. I actually know of several people who have done it, and have seen it done online. We are purchasing the laminate but it will not be place over particle board rather solid board. Karran makes undermount sinks especially for laminate countertops – the Beveledge.com diy video is great! If you use Marine epoxy it gives you an even tighter seal – luckily I live on a peninsula so there is no shortage in being able to obtain it here!

I loved the Oiled Soapstone on the small sample chip I had but when I got the 8 x 10, it seems a lot lighter than the rest of the options. With that being said my husband this morning when presented with the choices picked his top 3: Oiled Soapstone, Raven Gemstone, and Luna Night. The only thing holding me back at this point on the Laminate Soapstone is my knife test on it when compared to the other two.

It’s a really touch decision. I don’t want to spend a fortune however I don’t want to skimp so badly that the quality is lost and I have to replace the countertop in 6mo to a years time. Oh I did forget to mention that Lowe’s and HD both carry these. Lowes is more expensive but they will match the HD price plus give an extra 10% off! Just thought I would pass on that little deal saver :)

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