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Bend oregon laminate countertops

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Since 1979 Bev-Art Countertops has been serving the cities of Bend, Redmond and the surrounding area of Central Oregon. We specialize in laminate countertops, solid surface countertops, and sinks for residential and commercial clients right here in Bend and the rest of Central Oregon. We carry some of the finest products the industry has to offer from Wilsonart, Pionite, Formica, LG Hi-Mac, Gibraltar, and Staron to name a few. In our showroom, we have a large selection of samples of colors and textures and only the best products so that our customers get that perfect look they are going for.

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Today’s laminate countertops offer many different choices and looks. Technological advances in laminate countertops have lead to more color varities and a natural look and feel. Famous for great looks and easy care, laminate countertops are enjoyed by many homeowners and businesses. Many homeowners and commercial customers feel that laminate countertops can be more affordable and still add real beauty. Laminate countertops have more durability and beauty than ever before, offer superior scratch and wear resistance than in the years past. Come in and see our showroom and full selections and styles of laminate counter tops. Compared to granite, laminate counter tops offer a comparable beauty with a substantial difference in cost between the two.

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Come in to Bev-Art Countertops today and get courteous service, quality work, and the reasonable prices that our customers have come to expect since 1979. We take pride in getting the style and feel that you are looking for with the quality installation and process you deserve. We stay on time with our work and stand behind our products 100% so our customers achieve the finished product they want. We look forward to serving you soon.

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