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Laminate countertops by village home stores in geneseo, il

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Want to have a new look for your kitchen, but not spend a fortune? Try laminate countertops for your kitchen. Countertops can be made from a variety of materials ranging from stone to glass tile. But if you’re looking for cost-effective countertops with a large selection of colors, then laminate is the best alternative. Laminate countertops not only offer the lowest prices, they come in numerous colors, patterns and finishes to accommodate the look of your kitchen. At Village Home Stores, we have been in the countertop business for many years, serving customers in the Geneseo, IL and Bettendorf, IA area. We continue to provide quality laminate countertops for homeowners and business-owners, so you don’t have to pay a fortune in Iowa and Illinois.

formica laminate countertops


What is laminate? Laminate consists of layers of paper such as melamine resin and decorative layer. They can range in thickness, which can have an affect on the price. At Village Home Stores, our laminate countertops are made from the latest materials so they can resist chipping, cracks and high impact. They also come in a variety of colors, patterns, styles and designs. With laminate countertops, your home can keep up with the latest trends on the market. Also, a laminate countertop would attract potential buyers so selling your home would be a piece of cake.

solid color laminate countertops


  • Advantage of Laminate Countertops in Bettendorf, IA
  • Laminate countertops provide the following advantages:
  • Affordable prices: Laminate is inexpensive compared to other materials.

    Durability: Laminate countertops offer durability because they are made to take a lot of wear and tear by withstanding scratches, slices, stains and heat.

    wood laminate colors


    Non-porous surface: Laminate counters can be easily cleaned to eliminate bacteria build-up. Non-porous countertops are less likely to trap dirt and bacteria.

    Beautifies: Comes in trendy colors and styles to accent your kitchen and decor.

    Accessible: If you change the color or style of your kitchen, laminate countertops are easy to change or replace without costing a fortune.

    Textures: Laminate countertops can mimic rusted metal, stone, marble, block, fabric, leather, or wood.

    Laminate countertops are not make out of steel, therefore they need proper care and maintenance. To make sure your laminate countertops last for 10 to 20 years, don’t convert your countertop into a cutting board. Keep hot pans or pots off of the countertops and do not clean your countertops with abrasive cleaning products. These tips would increase the lifespan of your laminate countertops.

    Installing countertops are not a do it yourself project. Before you choose countertops for your home, consider laminate countertops by Village Home Stores. Our fabricator will accurately measure your countertop to ensure proper installation. We have the appropriate skills and tools to make your countertops look professionally sleek and appealing. Contact us today so we can serve you in the Geneseo, IL and Bettendorf, IA area.

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