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Primitive pillows for a couch

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If you have a primitive themed living room or family room and are looking for some nice pillows for your couch or even chairs in the room, there are plenty of beautiful primitive pillows for a couch to choose from.

black hall runner


Primitive style decorating encompasses several different themes from barn stars and twig vines to sheep and crows. And then you have the different patterns like plaids and ginghams that compliment this style as well.

black carpet runner


I’ve collected a wide range of different decorative primitive themed pillows that would work really well for a couch or chair, but could also be used in the bedroom as well.

black rug runner


There are also some pillow covers if you are interested in saving some money and just buying the covers instead of actual pillows.

black runner rug


Primitive Shelf PillowCheck PricePrimitive Birdhouses PillowCheck PricePrimitive Country Sheep & Angel PillowCheck PricePrim at Heart Country Sheep & House PillowCheck PricePrim with Crows PillowCheck PriceRed Star Pillow CoverCheck PriceKettle Grove Star or Crow PillowCheck PriceNinepatch Star PillowCheck PricePrimitive Country Star Pillow CoverCheck PriceStar Applique Pillow CoverCheck Price

Primitive Patterned Decorative Pillows

If you are looking for something a little simpler and just want a patterned pillow that fits in with the primitive style, then check out these different pillows available in different plaid and checkered prints.

Red Gingham PillowCheck PricePatriotic Patch PillowCheck PriceFarmhouse Black Check Plaid PillowCheck PriceNavy Blue and Burgundy Plaid PillowCheck Price

Americana Patriotic Primitive Themed Decorative Pillows for the Couch

When it comes to primitive decorating, a lot of people like to incorporate a patriotic touch or what is often called Americana decor. If you are looking for some pillows that will fit in with a primitive patriotic style of the room, check out some of these great options.

Vintage Style American Flag Pillow CoverCheck Price”Blessed” Patriotic Patchwork PillowCheck PriceRustic Patriotic Stars and Stripes PillowCheck PriceOld Glory Pillow Personalized Pillow CaseCheck Price

When using these pillows to decorate your couch, remember that you can add more than one style to the couch to mix things up. For example, you could add one of the beautiful primitive themed pillows above with a solid colored pillow in the back to really add a nice touch to the sitting area.

Also, when adding decorative pillows to a couch you want to add some contrast or some more color to the area rather than have the pillows completely match the color of the couch. If you used plain red colored pillows on a red couch it may not add very much at all but instead if you added the red gingham print pillows or even the pillow with the house and the sheep it adds so much more to the area.

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