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Primitive decorating color schemes

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If you plan on decorating your home in a primitive style, it is a good idea that you come up with a color scheme that you can follow. When you start with a color scheme you can plan out decor items better and that means you can get the style and look you want for your home without having to mess around too much.

runner carpet stairs


Although there are no set colors when it comes to primitive decorating, there are certain colors and tones that are a lot more popular and acceptable when it comes to decorating. For example, you aren’t likely to see a hot pink decor item in primitive decorating, but you may see varying shades of green instead.

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Primitive Decorating Colors

When it comes to decorating in a primitive style you want to stick to earthy and rich colors and tones. When you think of primitive style you think of the days long ago where things were simple and people used colors of the earth and just simple colors to decorate their home. Colors don’t necessarily have to be dark, but you usually don’t see many pastel or neon colors in primitive decor.

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Another thing to keep in mind is that back in the primitive days is that a lot of items look faded or distressed naturally because they would get faded by the sun or simply were passed down to generation to generation they got worn down over the years. This is why you don’t see bright colors in primitive decorating and you see a lot of the distressed furniture as well as aged decor.

runner carpet for stairs


When decorating in this style most people keep the majority of the color scheme in very neutral and muted tones and will use one or two colors to add interest. For example, tan and lighter brown colors are quite popular and then you can add in a dark burgundy red or a navy blue to add some color and interest into the color scheme.

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When choosing a color scheme for primitive style decorating in your home, your best bet is to stick to these popular colors below:

Brown/Tan – Brown and tan colors usually make up the majority of the colors when it comes to primitive decor. You can go with a darker brown for some accent pieces as well as even a dark brownish red. Tan and light brown colors can be used as the base of your color scheme and you can find tons of different primitive decor items that would go with these colors.

Blue – Look for darker blues such as midnight blue and navy blue to use as accents and highlights in your primitive decorating.В  Blues also go well with the primitive Americana theme of red, white and blue so you can mix it in with that style as well. You can also use a somewhat lighter blue like a cornflower blue to play up things in nature as well.

Red – Stay away from really bright reds and instead go with the earthy dark reds like a burgundy color. If you do go with a brighter red just make sure it looks distressed or somewhat faded or it will stick out too much in this decorating style.

Black/Grey – Black and darker grey colors are also popular as accent colors and give off that natural style used in primitive decorating. Things like trim and wood signs are often painted in a distressed black or dark grey color and look great in an old primitive style.

Green – Some people don’t include green into their primitive color scheme but it can easily work as a great accent color when you choose natural color greens and as well as darker green colors. This can be a great way to get more nature involved in your decor. Stay away from bright or turquoise colored greens as they may stick out too much and not look natural.

Yellow/Off White – Most of the time you won’t see a stark white colors used because you want that aged look to your decor. Instead a yellow color or an off white color will be used. This sort of goes along with the tan colors as they are often used as the base color for decor items.

When choosing your primitive decorating color scheme just remember that you want colors that represent an earthy and natural tone. Colors shouldn’t be bright or too loud but instead should have a faded and aged look that fits in perfect with this style of decorating.

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