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Primitive christmas home tour

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My favorite time of the year is finally here! I have been waiting to start decorating since the cold weather came upon us a few months ago, and can’t wait to show you this years decorations.

stairway carpet treads


Every year since I have lived here, I try to make it look a little more like a Christmas County/Primitive store. Imagine the smells of pine cones, pine, and of course, candles and cranberry potpourri burning on the stove. I love making the little details count. So while visiting, you will see random details that I feel make my home just a little more inviting.

carpet stairs treads


I have a Christmas Tree obsession. At one time, ( before the tiny human arrived) I had 8 trees decorated in my house. Now, we had to cut back a little for obvious reasons.

stair tread carpet


Without further or do,В  I can’t wait to welcome you into my home for this very festive season! So, here we go! I hope you enjoy.

Welcome To My Home! As you pull up through the driveway, you will immediately notice my house, because of the shutters that are placed on the front porch. Everyone loved the shutters I used for my daughters first birthday, so I just recycled them for the holiday season!

On the other side I hope you notice the old sled with ice skates. This was an old sled my parents gave me years ago, and I found the ice skates at a flea market last year. Such a great little find!

You can take a peak inside the windows, which all have my green wreaths, but lets head inside!

When you step inside the door, the first thing you see of course, is a tree. The first of many, but this is the Primitive Twig Tree. Decorating with some old antique ornaments, but mostly primitive finds from years of collecting.

I have the table decorated with some stockings, and of course some other festive things

Next, if you head on into the dining room, you will see another tree. This time, it’s my Mustard Primitive Tree. This tree, everyone thinks is ugly, but I love it. I use dried hydrangeas, raffia, and brown lights to set off it’s mustard color.

You can look around the room,В  and you will see pine everywhere. I love how it smells, looks, and can’t live without it in the winter!

I also have a bowl full of filled goodies from a friend of mine that makes waxed and dried fruits, pine cones, and candles.

Next stop… Kitchen

My kitchen is small, but never small enough to have a little tree shining bright in the window. This tree is also one of my primitive twig trees, and use all types of kitchen ornaments to make it fit in with the decor.

A couple of my favorite ornaments on the tree are my grandmas old tin cookie cutters, such a great keepsake.

And it won’t be a Holiday window sill in my house, without some pine, and of course MASON JARS!

As you leave the kitchen, I have a vintage sign that I found at a flea market a few years back… Bring good cheer!

After you turn the corner from the kitchen, I have a small guest bathroom, which of course, has a tree!

And some little smelly pine cones and soap next to the sink

As you leave the bathroom , I have an Office of to the right, but didn’t get a chance to decorate that room this year. Just a little much with having a little one.

So, then we continue into the Living Room. Where my big tree and fireplace are.

The tree has ornaments from everywhere, and every stage of our lives.

On one side of my fireplace, I have this little gem that was given to me as a gift. It was an old antique trunk. So this year, I decided to dress it up a bit. ( I had to move it next to the tree for aВ  better picture)

And here is my fireplace. Nothing overly done, but homey and warm, just like I want it. It is certainly not the prettiest out there, but I love it with burlap and pine.

So that my friends is what my home looks like at Christmas time. I have a few other rooms decorated, but it so hard to make look “picture perfect” with kiddo things all around!

I hope you enjoyed it, and glad i could have you over for the holidays!


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