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Gym mats perth

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Our Exercise range includesВ Yoga, Pilates, CrossFit, and general Exercise Mats. Choose from budget-conscious options likeВ Polyethylene (PE) and PVC yoga mats, opt for a spongeyВ NBR mat, orВ ourВ premium quality TPE mat. All available in store, and for online purchase.

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Floor Area Mats

The folding floor mat comes with a blueВ PVC cover for hardy long term use and easy cleaning – simply wipe down after use. The shock-absorbing EPE insert provides stability for run-ups and low-medium impact exercises, and affords excellent cushioning in case of falls. Comprised of 4 sections which fold into a package that is easily transported or stored away.

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The interlocking puzzle matВ makes aВ practical surface for martial arts, gym floors and general playing surfaces. В Yellow / black in colour, the mats are 1m x 1m x 25mm in size and can be locked together to create a surface of whatever shape and size you need.

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Landing Mats

OurВ landing matsВ are made from a combination of hard and soft foams.В Specially designed for stable and safe landing off rings, bars, vaults and gymnastic equipment, our landing mats feature a A100mm layer of premium, medium hardness foam topped with a 25mm sheet of closed cell EVA foam to minimise shock to joints. Available in two sizes, and covered with hardy, wipe-down PVC.

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Crash Mats Offered inВ four standard crash mat sizes suitable for gymnastics, dance and exercise routines, athletics, high jump, and general play. Our standard range of crash mats come in hardy blue PVC covers. For non-standard sizes and colours, we custom make to your requirements!

For your gym mats requirements contact us today, or call directly on 08 93301199.

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