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Gym equipment

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If you want to make sure you get a regular full body workout, our range of top cardio gym equipment has everything you need. You can hit the treadmill, tackle the cross trainer and take on the rowing machine, or get the benefit of a high-tech vibration plate. At Littlewoods, we've picked out models from brands like Body Sculpture, Reebok and Dynamix, so everything you buy has been ingeniously designed to help you to perfect your fitness routine. We've also got a huge choice of weights, kettlebells and exercise gloves, making it easy to kit yourself out in true professional style.

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Set up Your Own Gym at Home

Whether your aim to is to keep fit or burn calories, you can't beat the convenience of working out at home. Having your own gym set up makes it easy to enjoy a session at any time of day, pushing you to reach your targets sooner. A home gym gives you all the same fitness benefits without the chore of travelling – there's no time wasted or added petrol costs. Best of all, you get complete control over what you watch while you exercise – stick on some motivational music for an intense cardio session, or switch over to your favourite TV show to accompany a lighter workout.

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Find the Right Machines to Build Your Home Gym

When building up your home gym, it's best to start with the basics. For a cardio workout, you'll need at least one core piece of equipment, either an exercise bike, cross trainer or running machine. These machines all come with varied resistance settings to give you complete control over each training session: turn the resistance up for a 'climb', or keep it low for a 'sprint'. If you're short on space, go for a mini bike that lets you pedal away while sitting comfortably on a chair, or if you've got a whole room for your equipment, invest in exercise mats and stability balls for your warm-ups and cool-downs.

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