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Decorating a christmas tree primitive style

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The primitive Christmas tree is back UPRIGHT, and now TETHERED to the bard door behind it (which is BOLTED to the wall).В  This baby isn’t going anywhere now!В  So, now I can show you what all the tree is decorated with:

carpet treads for stairs


I’ve got these handmade, stuffed fabric stars with little word banners on them tucked in here and there.

stair carpet treads


And little red stockings filled with gingerbread and candy canes:

You have to look closely, but I’ve got strands of these handmade, homespun rag garlands draped along the branches:

carpet treads for steps


Thsese big handcrafted wood folk art angels with different designs and in different colors:

  • Rag ball ornaments handmade from homespun fabric:
  • Primitive snow dolls:
  • Giant primitive painted jingle bells and handcrafted holiday sayings ornaments:

    I ran out of roomВ to putВ the big handmade wood ‘believe’ stars on the tree!

    You can buy the ornaments directly off the tree, and there are baskets and boxes of extras underneath.

    This is the LAST red punched tin tree topper star that I have.В  When this one sells I have some blue tin stars for toppers.В  (I forgot to bring them to the store!В  But I’ll have them next week)

    And here are the neighboring trees:

    Detail pictures of the rest of the trees and Christmas product to follow!В  Stay tuned!В  Get a pen and start making your shopping list!

    OUR WEBSITE : www.cscrafts.com/aj.html

    OUR BLUJAY STORE :В  http://www.blujay.com/folk_art_originals


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