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5 classy coastal decor ideas for your beach home

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For rugs, choose durable materials such asВ sisal or jute, and check out rope accentsВ to add a funky nautical twist to any room.В In the kitchen, consider nontraditional cabinet materials like acacia wood.

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This concept applies to accessories, too.

“Instead of heading to a big-box home goods store, take a look at your natural surroundings for inspiration,” Parrott says. “Often beautiful palms, driftwood, or even sea glass can be used sparingly to achieve that beach vibe. I’m all about bringing the outdoors in!”

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— 5. Skip theВ elaborate shell display

Hang ten, then hang it on the wall.Astronaut Images/Getty Images

Instead, create a sea-themed gallery wall on the cheap. Use a service like Social Print StudioВ or PostalPix to easilyВ print your own photos straight from your smartphone, or peruse one of the well-curated collections at online art retailer Minted for inspiration.

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Not the DIY type? Pick up frames at flea markets or consignment stores and paint or lime-wash them to display your favorite prints. If you’re a surfer, your longboard can double as art, too-just mount hooks horizontally on a wall and hang it up or prop it against a wall for an easy, instant decor refresh. And if you simply must throw in a seashell or two, place them in a sweet glass terrarium with a bit of seagrass for a modern, clean look.

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