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Art nouveau style chairs – home decor

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Iconic Art Nouveau style-from the Paris Metro signs to Tiffany-style lamps-is all about flowing free form. Explore the story of this artistic movement and browse One Kings Lane’s selection of antique and vintage Art Nouveau style furniture and decor to channel the style in your home.

art nouveau furniture reproductions


While Arts & Crafts was taking off in America, Europe was also seeking beauty and inspiration not offered by an ‘ugly’ industrialized world, or heavy revivals of the old days. What they sought was something entirely new, unlike anything that had come before it.

furniture art nouveau


Iterations of Art Nouveau were happening all over Europe: Austria’s Vienna Secession; France and Belgium’s naturalisticВ Art Nouveau; England’s Arts & Crafts from William Morris; Scotland’s Charles Rennie Mackintosh; and, Germany’s Jugendstil.

nouveau furniture


For European furniture-makers, this was a reawakening. Art Nouveau became a philosophy about artistic ideals, creating furniture that was unique-pieces that were handcrafted and very expensive works of art. Art Nouveau style decoration was organic, flowing, sensual, and full of motion. The iconic Paris Metro signs embodied this naturalism perfectly.

art nouveau antique furniture


Italian and French craftsmen made some of the most beautiful Art Nouveau chairs, including upholstered walnut armchairs and slender-backed side chairs. The Nancy School of design in northern France, a cooperative supporting the decorative arts, was home to a number of influential designers who created Art Nouveau chairs that exhibited organic style with subtlety and grace, including Louis Majorelle and Emile Galle.

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