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Art nouveau design style influences furniture interiors

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1880 – 1910

Art Nouveau exploded onto the design scene in Paris and London at the turn of the twentieth century.

art nouveau bedroom furniture


It was the first original style, that took inspiration from its surroundings, not history.

The late Victorians found this flamboyant and away-from-the-norm design rather shocking, and it was a love or hate situation for most. Some aspects of Art Nouveau saw a revival in the 1960’s.

antique art nouveau furniture


Art Nouveau Style

The style consists of two distinct looks: curvy, elongated lines, or the more linear look of artists such as Charles Rennie Mackintosh. There were elements of stylised natural forms, such as flowers, roots, buds and seedpods, and the pre-Raphaelite female form was often seen also. Vertical lines, with height were a feature, with the whiplash line being prominent. From the stylised natural forms of flowers also came spider webs, peacock feathers, locusts, thistles and more, appearing on wallpaper, furniture and accents. Exotic woods, iridescent glass, silver and semi precious stones were the materials of choice in this elaborate and exuberant era.

french art nouveau furniture


Art Nouveau Furniture

art nouveau furniture


modern art nouveau furniture


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