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The beauty and durability of a sisal rug – choices flooring

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Sisal is a plant in Mexico that is used for a number of applications. The large, fleshy, tree-like plant yields a stiff fibre that has traditionally been used for making twine and rope. One of the most popular uses today is in rugs. Made from natural fibres, sisal rugs are stronger than their artificial counterparts, offering longevity and durability.

green sisal rug


AВ sisal rugВ has many benefits over synthetic options. Naturally stain resistant, a sisal rug is beautiful for longer, ideal for busy areas. This also means you don’t have to clean as often or use chemical treatments.

grey sisal rug


Most rugs will build up static on dry and windy days. They also become compressed over time. Sisal is unique in that it does not get static and will not show wear or imprints as easily. Also, being an organic material, you are doing your part for the environment by choosing sisal.

sisal rug 4x6


While there are many benefits of sisal as a natural fibre over synthetic variants, it also has a number of positives over other natural fibre rugs. Strong and versatile, sisal is ideal for high traffic areas. Some natural fibres are more delicate and must be treated as such, but sisal is more durable. Sisal can also be combined with other fibres easily in order to get the best out of both fibres. Common combinations are wool and sisal and sisal and jute. However, sisal does stand strong on its own as well.

8 x 8 sisal rug


Sisal does have a few drawbacks. If you are looking for a rug for the bathroom or kitchen, sisal should be avoided. As an organic material, sisal can develop water stains in wet or high humidity areas. However, it is fine in other areas as it can absorb and release a small amount of moisture.

With its great look, long lifespan and eco-friendly properties, sisal is a popular choice for homeowners around the world. If you are interested in joining the millions that already have sisal in their home, then talk to the floor covering experts at a Choices Flooring store near you.

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