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Sheepskin baby rug

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Why do so many natural mamas favor Sheepskin Rugs for their babies and toddlers? Because they know the magic properties of soft wool that keep children warm in winter and cool during warmer months.

red sisal rug


You will also find them in many Waldorf early childhood classrooms because teachers know how calming and soothing the soft lamb’s wool is against tender skin, and how nourishing the softness and warmth is to a young child’s senses.

5 x 8 sisal rug


A Sheepskin Baby Rug is incredibly versatile and can be used in so many ways:

  • As a take-along bed
  • As a warm and cozy play rug
  • In a baby’s crib or on a toddler’s bed
  • As a stroller or carriage pad
  • In a carseat
  • On a chair As a bedside rug
  • A lambskin rug also makes a thoughtful gift for a baby shower or for a newborn.

    Our sheepskin baby rugs are made in New Zealand by a company who has been producing sheepskin products since 1879, and feature ultra-soft unshorn wool.

    woven sisal rugs


    Perfect for year-round use by babies, toddlers, and children. When children are grown, drape the sheepskin on the back of a chair or sofa for warmth and comfort for years to come.

    brown sisal rug


    Best of all, this sheepskin is machine washable! We recommend Eucalan Wool Wash for laundering your sheepskin.

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