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Sanderling sisal rug – natural rug co

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Sisal fiber is exceptionally strong and durable and is one of the most hard-wearing natural fibers. It does not absorb moisture easily and resists saltwater deterioration so it’s an excellent option for seaside home decor. Sustainably harvested in southern China where the hot, dry climate offers perfect growing conditions.

4x6 sisal rug


Features: Sisal in brown and gold tones in a classic boucle weave

Slight color variations may occur due to the unique, natural qualities of the sisal

  • Pile: 100% sisal
  • Color: Khaki cotton border with mitered edges
  • This low-profile rug also has a non-skid latex backing which helps keep it in place on nearly any surface.

    bound sisal rug


  • Machine woven
  • Product Care:
  • Vacuum regularly with suction attachment only – a beater brush is not recommended

    Spot clean by pressing a clean, undyed cloth into the spill to absorb as much of the liquid as possible. You may use a solution of mild, colorless dish soap and water but test the solution in a small, inconspicuous area of the rug to be sure there is no discoloration.

    white sisal rug


    For liquid spills, blot, do not rub, with a clean, dry, absorbent cloth.

    If you choose to clean the rug yourself we recommend Host, which is a highly rated dry extraction carpet cleaning system which works very well with natural fiber rugs

    For hard to remove stains, professional cleaning is recommended

    It is normal for natural fiber rugs to “sprout”. What may seem to be a pulled thread is really just a yarn whose fibers have separated at a point, or “sprouted”. Sprouting is common with natural fibers, such as sisal, that are made up of shorter fibers. This is not a defect but an inherent quality of certain natural fiber rugs. Simply clip the sprout that has popped up with a sharp scissors.

    All fibers that are exposed to direct, prolonged sunlight will experience some degree of fading. Please rotate your rug regularly if it is in a sunny location.

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