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Natural rugs…sisal, jute, seagrass – holly mathis interiors

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Well I was about to sit down and begin a long posts on the ins and outs of these rugs and do a bit of reseach and recommendation for yall and then i saw that the uber fab LAUREN LIESS of PURE STYLE HOMEВ has already done an amazing post on this topic HERE..so i am not going to try to reinvent the blog natural rug wheel…just click over and read what Lauren has to say and her comments as well..lots of good info if you are interested in this topic.В  i love the way Lauren layered cowhide over her bedroom’s natural rug in the photo below

custom seagrass rugs


please click back over here and tell us your take on natural rugs..particularly if you have dogs or small children and your experience with caring for them, cleaning up messes and softness..i think that is really an issue for people with small children that have kids playing on the floor a lot!

outdoor seagrass rug


I will say that i often recommend the flat braided jute rug from PB..i like the look and softness but it is THICK which can make furniture sit uneven.

seagrass runner rug


but its a accessible and soft like i said and comes in large sizes!

I will also say i have heard the natural rugs from Ballard ravel really bad..is that true or is it a certain rug they sell?В  I also know that overstock sells some for great prices…as does IKEA..anyone have experience with the ikea or overstock rugs????

woven seagrass rug


The rug below i recently boough for my boys..from PB…its the Chunky Wood and natural jute blend and very soft and warm but thick!

round seagrass rug


It looks very natural but is really more wool…like i said, i am happy with it but its light!В  hasnt been an issue YET!

OK your turn…what is your experience with natural rugs in your home..faves??? and thanks Lauren!

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