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When selecting a rug, size is an important factor. While decorating magazines and books can give you ideas that are not always practical, an in home consultation along with the following suggestions can be used as guidelines for each room when determining rug sizes:

teal oriental rug


Bedrooms – To be aesthetically correct most bedrooms require 3 rugs to place around the bed – When Oriental rugs were originally made, they were designed to provide beauty through their designs and colors – you can’t enjoy the designs if a rug is placed under the bed.

tribal oriental rugs


Kitchens – With hardwood floors, now so popular, an Oriental rug is a natural choice. A 3×5 rug in front of the sink offers beauty and protection of the floors. An 8 foot round or square rug is often the best choice for under a kitchen table depending on its size.

orange oriental rug


Dining Room – The size of your table will be the biggest factor in determining the right size rug for a dining room. 8×10 or 9×12 rugs are typical in dining areas – it often helps to try both sizes before making a final decision. While seating arrangements in dining rooms may expand for holidays – it’s best to select a rug size based on every day use.

9x12 oriental rugs


Living Room – To show off hardwood floors a 4×6 rug centered in front of the sofa and under a coffee table, can accommodate your needs. To provide more coverage and create a warm and cozy environment, 8×10 or 9×12 rugs with the furniture strategically placed on or around the perimeters of the rug can do the trick

Family Room – The biggest room can often present the biggest challenge. A large family room may have two focal points and two seating areas – thus requiring two rugs. A 9×12 or 10×14 will often give a family room adequate coverage. In a very large family room, two complementary rugs may be required.

Office – Because computer desks are often placed against a wall, it’s necessary to have a rug sized large enough to encompass the area that both the desk and chair are placed on. 8×8 or 8×10 rugs typically meet the needs of office space. If a desk is placed in the center of a room, a 6×9 or 4×6 centered in front of it will often create a warm environment.

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