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Look at back of mid century modern rugs – mid century modern : mid century modern

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Mid century modern rugs – mid century modern rugs in Indian became popular when a 16th century Mughal emperor brought Persian craftsmen to India to weave for him. Usually, geometric patterns or floral or animal motifs in blue and green woven on a red background. Although the nomadic tribes originally created carpets for both practical and decorative reasons, these newer carpeting featured increasingly intricate patterns and fine weavings and served a primarily decorative function.

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The popularity of mid century modern rugs from China, India and Turkey exploded in the 17th century when the Silk Road. mid century modern rugs became popular in Europe as other countries did their own traditional styles. The popularity of Oriental and Persian rugs traditional waned quickly, and then resurged in the mid-1800s and is still popular worldwide.

modern orange rug


North America has its own wide range of mid century modern rugs rug-making craftsmen. Indians woven unique blankets on an upright loom by means of a continuous warp thread. These rugs featured geometric patterns heavy with spiritual meaning. In colonial times, women made utilitarian hooked rugs from scraps of rags to protect your feet from the cold dirt or wood floors. mid century modern rugs Indian carpets were popular in the 16th century. Carpets from China and the Middle East became popular in Europe in the Silk Road opened up a new trade route.

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