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Kitchen rugs and mats

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The right kitchen rug can really add a lot of appeal to your kitchen. Obviously, the space you’re putting the rug in will guide your decision. But there are a few things to keep in mind.

rubber mats for kitchen


The kitchen is a place that gets messy. A navy blue kitchen rug, or another color that is relatively dark, will help to take the kind of abuse that kitchen rugs are vulnerable to. Lighter colors may look good at first, and may seem “warmer,” but some kitchen rugs simply won’t stand up to the test of time. If you have children, this is an especially important consideration. Spills happen in the kitchen.

blue kitchen mat


Another idea along the same lines is to go with washable kitchen rugs. You may not be able to wash out every kind of stain that a kitchen rug may endure, but it is an advantage to be able to simply place the washable kitchen rug in the washer after a spill. There may be a little fading over time, but at least a washable kitchen rug is simple to clean.

red kitchen mat


Kitchen rugs and mats are available for a variety of flooring surfaces. Many could be used on more than one type of flooring. If you’re looking for kitchen rugs for hardwood floors, it is important to check the undersurface of the kitchen rug or mat. There needs to be some friction to keep kitchen rugs for hardwood floors in place, or else they will slide around. Sliding may be more than an annoyance – it could actually be unsafe. It’s easy to get distracted while moving around in the kitchen, and that could lead to a fall. At the same time, however, it is important that kitchen rugs for hardwood floors do not damage the floor itself.

long kitchen mat


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