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Kitchen mats

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Kitchen mats like these are an essential when it comes to providing ” and maintaining- kitchen security and safety. Use our kitchen mats to ensure the comfort and therefore the focus of your employees. Pain, specifically pain from standing all day, can be detrimental to work quality and awareness-and nowhere are these two qualities more important than in a kitchen. A well placed restaurant mat can provide support for cooks and their assistants as well as waiters, busboys, and hosts. And because of the supple material that we use in our mats it will be a lot easier for employees to refocus pain and discomfort into friendly dispositions and helpful attitudes, traits that are exceedingly important in food-service staff. By reducing short-term pain, these kitchen mats also help to abate long-term discomfort and injury.

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Floor Mat Company’s kitchen matting also offers great safety and sanitation applications such as slip resistance and easy upkeep. Some of our products are made with 100% Nitrile rubber, a material that is resistant to animal fats and oils. Rubber is also naturally resistant to water and offers a high coefficient of friction, and because it is often paired with textured surfaces our kitchen mats offer added traction and grip. It’s important to install kitchen mats with as much traction as possible in order to make sure your surfaces are as secure as possible. As an added precaution, a number of our mats are equipped with large drainage holes. These specifically designed holes will remove and drain liquids away from slippery floor surfaces, protecting kitchen employees and helping to prevent serious accidents. It’s an unfortunate reality that slips and falls account for a large plurality of all workplace injuries in the United States. While there’s no 100% surefire way to prevent every potential fall, these kitchen mats will help you do your best in reducing this type of injury as much as possible in your workplace. Using a water-resistant restaurant mat also means that cleaning it will be easy! Our kitchen mats can be cleaned with a broom and a damp mop-but for more thorough cleanings mild detergents and running water can also be used. We understand that our consumers are exceptionally busy people who simply don’t have the ability to spend large amounts of time on something as inane as kitchen matting cleaning. That’s why we’ve simplified the process as much as possible for you, the end user. No need to thank us.

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Floor Mat Company doesn’t just offer kitchen matting that is functional and durable-our products are also easy to install and as we said very easy to maintain. These mats are low-maintenance and high-performance. Some would say that’s the perfect combination. A kitchen or restaurant mat should safeguard workers while also ensuring that they can maintain a clean and proper work environment. With the quality and availability of our products, protecting your residential or commercial kitchen doesn’t have to be a hassle! We carry a wide variety of available styles, sizes, and materials, so we are certain you will find exactly what you need. Our kitchen mats will introduce comfort and reinforce safety in nearly any location. Variety is something the Floor Mat Company takes great pride in, and we strive to bring this variety to you at every opportunity. Yes, even in the field of kitchen matting. Now that you’ve taken the time to read up on the great benefits offered by our kitchen mats, we know you’ll make the right decision for you!

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