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How to care for your sisal rug

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The stiff fibers of the agave sisala, a Mexican species of agave, have many uses. One of its most popular uses is in woven rugs, often a tasteful, unique addition to home decor. If sisal fibers get wet, they warp and stretch, which ruins the appearance of a rug. To avoid damage, plan to clean the rug carefully and regularly. One option is to buy rugs made from synthetic rather than natural sisal, which are easier to keep clean and commonly available. A sisal rug can add comfort to a home, but choosing the right type needs some careful consideration to avoid damage.

faux sisal rug


Natural Sisal Rug – Regular Cleaning

The hard fibers of sisal do not attract dust naturally. Bacteria cannot penetrate the individual fibers, nor should fine dirt damage it either. This means that regular cleaning routines for sisal rugs need not be arduous if followed regularly. Use a vacuum cleaner with a strong brush and powerful suction to lift trapped dirt and keep the rug clean. Rugs of this type have such a tight weave that cleaners that beat the rug are ineffective.

sisal diamond pattern rug


Protect the natural fibers by occasionally applying a gentle moistening of water to the surface of the rug. Take care to avoid soaking the fibers, and always vacuum the rug before gently spraying. A fine mist applied in this way causes the surface of the rug to re-tense as it dries out, which helps to deal with looseness in the fibers that occurs as the rug wears.

charcoal sisal rug


Natural Sisal Rugs – Deep Cleaning

Occasionally, it is necessary to deep clean a sisal rug to ensure it stays in top condition. Sisal absorbs moisture, so avoid soaking so that it does not warp. Occasionally, a rug needs deep cleaning, but steam cleaning and wet shampooing are likely to damage the rug. Avoid them at all costs. Spray extraction type rug cleaners like rug doctors work effectively on sisal rugs. A rug doctor set to the minimum moisture setting applies cleaning solvents and then vacuums the solvent out, leaving the rug almost completely dry. Keep moving the machine to ensure that excess water does not deposit in any one spot.

6 x 8 sisal rug


Spot-Cleaning Techniques

Accidental spillage presents a different challenge for cleaning. For natural substances like food, remove the spill as quickly as possible. Once removed, treat the remaining stain with a detergent or shampoo that has a neutral pH factor. Moisten an un-dyed paper towel or cloth, and dab the stain to remove it. Brush or sponge the area with a little warm water to remove the shampoo, and then blot it dry before completing the drying with a hair dryer to avoid stretching the fibers.

Oil-based stains need treating in a different way. Remove as much of the stain as possible without damaging the fibers, and clean the remaining stain with solvents. Apply a little cleaning solvent to an unseen test area to ensure it does not damage the fiber. Then work gently from the outside of the stain, toward the center, keeping the rug as dry as possible. Complete the spot clean by using a hair drier to dry any remaining solvent.

Synthetic Sisal Rugs

Synthetic sisal is resistant to stains, and floor coverings of this type are easy to clean and care for. As with natural sisal, regular vacuum cleaning removes trapped dirt. However, due to the synthetic nature of the fiber, there is no need for concern about the fibers absorbing moisture and warping. Carpet shampooers are very effective at cleaning away any dirt and stains, as they sit on the surface of the fibers and do not penetrate. Spot stains are equally easy to remove from a synthetic sisal rug, but it is important to read the manufacturer’s instructions before purchasing a solvent for this purpose, as the wrong solvent may still damage the fibers. Before cleaning, test a small patch of unseen fibers with solvent.

How to Buy Sisal Rug Cleaning Supplies on eBay

If you are looking for sisal rug cleaning supplies, eBay provides access to a wide range of equipment and consumable listings. You can use the keyword search facility available on every eBay page to find listings. Some shoppers choose to make things more efficient by preselecting listings using the advanced search. Filters such as price range or location provide listings that are more relevant to your needs. When you want to clean a sisal rug you can get excellent results. Following simple steps such as these ensure your rugs have a long working life and always look in great condition.

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