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Childrens rugs: find nursery rug designs, foam tiles, floor mats and play mats online

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Carpet tiles are a great solution for unusual or irregularly shaped spaces. This style of rug is very convenient for a child’s room because each carpet tile can be cleaned individually, in the case of a spill or accident, and replaced with inevitable wear and tear. If looking to create an interesting floor pattern, or if you only want to cover a few key areas of your child’s floor, carpet squares can create continuity throughout the entire room and skipping between the squares can be a fun activity to play. Area rugs are also a quick and easy way to covering a large amount of floorspace, and protect your flooring.

rugs for toddler room


What type of pattern do I want?

With children’s design products, everything, including rugs for kids, are designed as an opportunity for a game or activity. Temporarily convert the floorspace in the playroom into a game of hopscotch or bingo. You can take the idea of an activity rug one step further with educational rugs. Playfully and seamlessly they introduce learning into your kids bedroom or playroom through puzzles, maps, and vocabulary. A kids rug can also just be a great way to introduce fun and whimsical colours and patterns into a bedroom or nursery. It is always a wise idea to invest in sensible and classic furniture pieces that you plan on having in the kids room for many years to come. Use rugs as an opportunity to really express your children’s ages and interests – whether it’s through a neon floral rug or bold superhero print rug. For nurseries, bold colours and shapes can provide comfort for the baby. Picking out a bedroom or playroom rug pattern is an activity that kids can get excited about and involved with in the process of decorating their rooms.

toddler rugs


What size and shape of rug do I want?

Are you looking to cover the entire floor or perhaps just a small reading nook? Make sure you have a clear measurement and vision of the size and shape of rug that you want before purchasing a rug. Templates or taping off floor areas can really help to visualise which rugs size and shape you really want.

toddler area rugs


What rug material works best for kids?

Kids rugs need to be extremely durable as well as extremely gentle and sensitive. Depending on the age of your child, you may even foresee them using the rug for napping. While purchasing a plush or sheepskin rug sound like the best ideas for a rug, cleanliness and hygiene are always of utmost concern when it concerns the textiles and fabrics that will be in close constant contact with your kids. Make sure that toxic chemicals or glues are not present in the rug by choosing rugs with simple and unobtrusive backings. Going with rug materials and lower pile heights that won’t easily harbour bacteria or can be easily washed and vacuumed are smarter and safer than the alternatives. You can even purchase rugs made for school classrooms that have carefully been designed and optimised for children’s safety and health.

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