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Antique Russian and Caucasian rugs originate from a large and diverse area of the world. The multicultural background of the region is uniquely reflected in the look and feel of the antique textiles originating from this region. While Russia covers a massive area filled with many ethnicities and cultures, the Caucasus region may be even more so. Bordered by Russia, Turkey, and Iran, all of these rug-producing countries have influenced the design and style of our Antique Russian and Caucasian Rugs.

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The Caucasus region is one of the most diverse places in the world with over fifty ethnic groups represented. This area has been producing rugs for centuries and has been influenced by the wide range of languages and cultural practices that inform both their weaving techniques and the design patterns. Antique rugs from Russia and the Caucasus region are distinguishable by their lively geometrical patterns including diamonds, hexagons, small crosses and hooks. These rugs often tell the stories and folklore of the local communities through their weavings including the depiction of humans and animals in a rug’s central design.

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As with many antique rugs, utilizing natural materials for the immediate environment was common practice. Whether it was producing dyes or weaving thread, the colors and textures found in Antique Russian and Caucasian rugs are very distinctive. Many of the patterns found in these rugs were energized with strong primary colors that were created from the local landscape. These original details merged with the influential techniques found throughout the region such as the widely popular Turkish knot being used for the majority of Russian and Caucasian rugs.

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As you look through our collection of Antique Russian and Caucasian rugs, you will notice the divergent designs and distinct look of these floor coverings. From the bold color combinations to the sharp edges of the geometric patterns, these rugs deliver a look that is rarely seen. If your space is in need of a lively infusion of movement, color, or design, an Antique Russian or Caucasian rug could bring new life to a stagnant or quiet room. These rugs are finely hand woven and well preserved even after being passed down through the generations. Spend some time perusing our online catalog and contact us for more details on our large collection Russian and Caucasian antique rugs.

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