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Envirotile recycled rubber floor tile

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Patio pavers are a nice addition to your outdoor living space, but sometimes these types of pavers are not perfect for your application. Well, you might want to consider these. These are recycled pavers made out of car tires and truck tires made by Envirotile and the nice thing about it is, take a look at this, all of the different designs that you get to choose from.

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These look like stone pavers, you have a little more of an ornamental design on those back there, these look like brick pavers. But what I like best about these tiles is how easy they are to install. Now, they actually clip together with this patented little clip right here, and I’m going to show you just how easy it is to install.

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Now, I’ve got one down here on the ground. I’m going to take this one. Now, on the back side you can see where it’s got the four grooves on each side, and what I’m going to do is lock those into place next to each other. So I’m going to line this up, and then I’m just going to put a little bit of pressure on it. I’m actually just going to kind of step on it and lock it into place. You see how easy it is?

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The nice thing about it is that underneath here there’s actually a channel that allows the water to flow underneath it, so you’re not getting trapped water underneath. They won’t break or crack; and the nice thing is you can put these on your balcony, you can put them on your patio, you can put them on your deck.

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So these can go anywhere and you can have it up in no time and really transform the look of your outdoor living space.

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