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4 western red cedar lumber facts

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Wood lovers have long gravitated towards western red cedar and the attraction is well deserved. Explore why cedar might be a perfect fit for your next building project.

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It’s a Local

We have a particular soft spot for Western Red Cedar thanks to its local status. Thuja Plicata is abundant in the lush, verdant forests that sweep across Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia.

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It’s Multifaceted

Treat your exterior to a coastal, timeless look with shingles or keep it classic with cedar siding. Make your roof the envy of the neighborhood with cedar shakes. This wood has been favored by homeowners for centuries thanks to its flexible uses and universally appealing appearance.

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It Invites You to Bring on the Elements

There’s a reason western red cedar feels at home in the forests of the Pacific Northwest. As one of the most naturally resilient types of lumber, you can count on this type of wood to remain resistant to water damage and rot. It even acts as a natural insulator, making it ideal for colder climates. If you’re investing in western red cedar shingles or siding, you can help to secure its long-term durability by purchasing pre-finished wood.

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It’s Like Cheese

In other words, it gets better with age. Western red cedar lumber has a rich red coloring that slowly turns to grey as it ages. This characteristic is perfect if you own a rustic cabin, a timeless cape, or a seaside cottage. Different climates result in unique color variations; please get in touch with the us if you would like more guidance on what to expect from your shingles, shakes, or siding.

We’re big advocates of Western Red Cedar. Check out our cedar siding projects on Houzz for inspiration on how to use western red cedar in your home.

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