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Reclaimed wood flooring

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Vintage Timberworks manufactures reclaimed wood flooring from our inventory of reclaimed lumber and timber including Douglas fir, Hardwood Barn Board, and Chestnut. The reclaimed flooring is available in a variety of appearances and sizes including wide plank flooring and long plank wood flooring products. We also stock recycled narrow plank strip wood flooring reclaimed from buildings in which it was previously installed. This typically includes reclaimed Red & White Oak, Maple, and Pecan wood flooring. The manufactured recycled wood flooring is available in both solid stock and engineered flooring while the strip flooring is only available in solid and is subject to availability. The Douglas fir, Hardwood Barn Board, and Chestnut flooring are manufactured in a variety of widths and lengths, including mixed width applications. The reclaimed strip flooring is usually limited in width, length, and species to stock on hand.

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  • Reclaimed Wood Beams
  • Barn Siding & Antique Planking
  • Reclaimed Wood Flooring
  • Rustic Mantels & Corbels
  • Reclaimed Furniture & Millwork
  • Architectural Hardware Salvage
  • The minimum order using the price extentions below for the Recycled Douglas Fir, Reclaimed Barn Wood, and Reclaimed Chestnut wood flooring is 500 SF. Smaller orders can be produced for an additional set-up charge or at the pricing below if the client can wait for the order to be run concurrent with another order. The minimum order for the Reclaimed Narrow Plank Wood Flooring is 200SF.

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    All reclaimed wood flooring products are shipped unfinished. All installation and finishing is done by the client or the clients contractor and should be installed using the guidelines provided by the National Wood Flooring Association. Vintage can modify the appearance of many of the flooring products through bleaching and/or different sanding techniques prior to delivery at additional cost.

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    Once you have decided on the species, appearance and sizes of your reclaimed wood flooring planks, you can either call the office with your requirements or fill out the online quote form by clicking on the”Get Quote” icon adjacent to the species and appearance you prefer. We will do our best to return the quote the same business day.

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    The base pricing shown below reflects the starting price/square foot for each product and will vary according to variables such as the quantity ordered and the exact specifications regarding width and length.


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