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  • X-NONE What is a Prairie Style Home?
  • Prairie Style is said to be the first unique American architectural style. You can view several newly built Prairie Style homes in Middleton Wisconsin at or near Conservancy View. You will notice their prominent characteristics include strong horizontal lines and natural interaction with its landscape. The best examples of Prairie Style homes consider the surrounding environment and make the home appear as if it is a natural part of the scenery. Prairie Style homes open up interior spaces by creating a more natural flow between rooms. In even relatively small homes, spaciousness can be achieved by removing doors and walls and increasing the line of sight from room to room. Prairie Style also incorporates the natural environment by providing easier access to porches and patios. The use of many windows allowed ample light and cross-ventilation, which are essential to health and well-being.

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  • General Characteristics of Prairie Style Homes
  • Either one or two stories
  • Open floor plan with free-flowing spaces
  • Projecting or cantilevered wings
  • Cohesive flow with landscape and environment
  • Open floor plan
  • Low-pitched hipped or flat roof
  • Expansive, overhanging eaves (usually boxed)
  • Strong horizontal lines
  • Clerestory windows throughout
  • Prominent, central chimney in home
  • Stylized, built-in features such as cabinetry
  • Wide use of natural materials especially stone and wood

    Siding often stucco, stone, or brick

    Restrained ornamentation such as friezes around windows and doors, or as bands under the eaves

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