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Know your style: shabby chic – design districtdesign district

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Photo Credit: via Dot & Bo

  • Signature Pieces:
  • Shabby chic style looks at home in any room ” you can play up coastal elements in the bathroom, provide a touch of French country living to the bedroom, and vintage charm in the kitchen. But there are some essentials that capture the ethos of shabby chic in an instant: casual, laid back living is made so much easier with our pick for instant styling success.

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    Linen Lounge Sofa: A clean and inviting linen sofa is given a modern boost with sweet tufting that will work effortlessly alongside bold floral throw pillows and a vase filled with pink peonies. This is the heart of shabby chic living: an appreciation for comfort and style.

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    Produce Aisle Clock: Vintage inspired? Check. Distressed? Check. A touch of iron? Check. A shabby-chic timepiece adds focus to any room. This beauty will look right at home in the kitchen, hung over a reclaimed wood console where a ceramic bowl filled with country-picked fruit awaits.

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    Lucky Charm Table: Artfully peeling, faded paint is all part of the charm in a shabby chic home. Add in a pastel hue of green, and you’ve got a winner. All good shabby chic furniture should embody the ability to work in any room: we envision this table in the kitchen for coffee, in the living room as a side table, and in the hallway, for displaying vintage ornaments and storing small trinkets.

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