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Garage flooring – interlocking pvc floor tiles for garages

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Cost-effective flooring: for work and home

Decision 1. What exactly do you need from your garage or garages – apart from a safe place to keep cars and other vehicles? If it’s a commercial garage, your premises probably include a workshop, toilet, kitchen – and a reception area. Many home garages are also workshops – plus storage areas…home gyms…and where the deep freeze lives. Often, the only thing missing is a car….

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Decision 2. Is your garage dry enough? If it’s damp (often due to lack of a DPM) you need a ventilated floor e.g. Bergo interlocking floor tiles. These allow air to circulate and the damp to dry out naturally. If it’s dry, you can choose a solid surface. Our PVC tiles are 4mm – 7mm thick, with textured, studded, riven or checkerplate surfaces, and a wide choice of colours. Environmentally-friendly recycled tiles offer particularly good value.

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Benefits of Interlocking Floor Tiles

DIY Fit: simply interlock and secure with a rubber mallet. If necessary, the tiles are easily cut to fit, with a handsaw or jigsaw

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Diversity: mix & match from a wide range of colours to create a custom floor, or reconfigure / expand surface areas as desired

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Recycled: recycled garage floor tiles are the eco-friendly and wallet-friendly option

Fire Retardant: PVC tiles are inherently fire retardant

Accoustic & Heat Insulation: More comfort, less noise.

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