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Duponts new sorona carpet

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UGH – sorry everyone. Seems I have left you for too long!

wvbill – all synthetics have a point at which they will burn. Nylon is the highest – olefin the lowest. Your cleaning people had to work pretty hard to burn a nylon. I am wondering if you might have a nylon/olefin blend instead of all nylon. Wool is a wonderful product – durable, renewable, and cleans up very well. The only draw back that some have with it is that it will shed a little bit when fibers break, but that certainly would not keep me from buying it if price were not an issue. Go to karastan.com to learn about wool.

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Landlord – YAY! Glad you got some samples. Apartment warranties do tend to be lower. Traffic, maintenance and frankly overall care of the carpeting makes them very hard to guarantee. For your use – assume that the Properties warranties will apply, but do check with your rep. We do not currently have any SmartStrand in commercial grades but we are working on that.

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Debalu – The whole point of a moisture proof pad is to prevent moisture/spills from getting through your pad to the subfloor. Boston is right. As I said somewhere in this string – SmartStrand is going to release the liquid. Having a barrier will give you time to get the entire stain/liquid out with an extractor. If you have no moisture issues with your slab to begin with, it will not cause you any issues. If you have moisture issues – it doesn’t matter if you have a barrier or not, you are going to have problems. As with any flooring installation, you should take the time to check for moisture issues on slabs if you aren’t sure. Take a piece of plastic and duct tape it down on the floor overnight. If there is condensation on the pastic, you have a moisture issue. I have moisture proof pad in my basement on a slab and all is well. New foundations should sure before doing this test. Talk to your flooring installer about that.

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As for smells – JBranch nailed it.The only smells you will have from the carpeting over time are the stains or odors you didn’t get out. Recycled and renewable content are simply the plastics used – no more or less prone to odors. The Corn component is simply for the sugar. Most issues are related to the backings or the pad holding onto pet stains or the like. The pad we just covered will help as will regular, deep steam cleanings. Every 12-18 months is a good rule of thumb.

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Villa Way is a 60 oz tight texture – great choice. No worries on that at all and yes as dense as we go in that yarn system.

Whew – I’m exhausted…keep the questions coming and I will try to do better:)

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