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10 ideas use sink in country bathroom decor

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If the sewer pipe is laid parallel to the plinth on the floor, the furniture should be on the lower side of the hole, through which will pass the hose.

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Avoid multiple holes allows carrying out all communications in one bundle. So they will be easier to hide behind furniture.

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For bathroom furniture there are special requirements, as it will be in a fairly aggressive environment. Excessive moisture, temperature changes, condensation, mold risk – all of which can cause serious damage to the interior. Modern shops offer country bathroom decor furniture in a wide variety of spectrum as the models and materials. However, there are pitfalls everywhere, and this article will teach the right to bypass them. You will learn how to avoid becoming a victim of a wrong choice and to make such a purchase, which will delight for years.

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How to make the right choice?

Of course, it would be desirable to bathroom furniture was beautiful, but it is also important not to forget about the quality and functionality. Therefore, saving in this case is impossible.

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The ideal will be those products that combine thoughtful design, quality materials and reasonable price. Nevertheless, the choice of interior and attention should be given to other factors. So, what to consider when buying furniture for a bath?

Bathroom area. When choosing furniture, keep in mind the dimensions of the room and estimated the distance between the objects present in it. For example, you should not choose a massive pedestal with a top made of real wood, if the room is very small. Bath and shower cubicle must be within a certain distance from the wooden interior, in addition, requiring good ventilation system. Delicate materials require careful treatment and special care, so it is necessary to decide whether allowing your rhythm of life to provide them with appropriate care. If not, do not pay attention to such massive and expensive but high-quality bathroom furniture from water-repellent materials.

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