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Bar ToolsImagine walking into your favorite bar and watching the bartender craft your drink carefully with a wide selection of bar tools. First, he fills the shaker with ice, and then he pours a shot into it with a jigger, carefully adding some cocktail mix. After he shakes up and down, out comes the sifter, and then out comes your drink into a chilled bar glass.

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If you have always wanted to re-create this scene in your own home, now you can with the Williams-Sonoma tableware sale on bar tools and accessories. Stock up on stainless-steel, copper and aluminum essentials you need to go from amateur barkeep to professional mixologist. Make sure find accessories to garnish your drinks, open beer and wine bottles and muddle and mix your own herbs for bitters. You can even create your own unique ice so that everyone leaves your bar with a lasting memory.

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One of the most essential bar tools in the tableware sale is a sparkling water machine. These electronic stands produce liters of tonic water that you can add to ice and gin to create a classic gin and tonic with lime garnish. Add a little bit of homemade soda water to your whiskey or bourbon to take the edge off or just consume the sparkling water on its own as a refreshment between cocktails.

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When making your own margaritas out of lime juice from your juicer, make sure to have the appropriate salt garnish on top of your outdoor drinkware for an authentic experience. Fill a cocktail rimmer with coarse salt, and then dip the glass into it to take the edge off the tequila and lime. You can also fill a rimmer with sugar, dipping a cocktail glass in it before creating a lemon drop cocktail.

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When muddling drinks such as old fashioneds, mojitos and mint juleps, you need a good tool. A wooden muddler is the best, most authentic option for this task. A stainless-steel muddler, however, is easier to clean in the dishwasher and also avoids corrosion because of its specialty material. You can even find a swizzle stick that lets you muddle and then stir without ever taking it out of the drink.

If you are looking for a gift for a new bar owner, a set of essential stainless-steel bar tools monogrammed with his name is something that can be used repeatedly. Make sure you also provide a couple of shakers for mixing cocktails too. A mixer made of stainless-steel can stay in the freezer or cooler so it does not break up as much ice, making the integrity of the drink stronger. Another great gift idea is a stainless-steel flask with her name monogrammed on it. These devices are great to take on camping trips or to tailgate parties.

The art of mixology also contains a lot of science. Measuring spirits and other ingredients is essential for new bartenders who are just getting the hang of things. Make sure the bar is stocked with jiggers that help to measure spirits, liqueurs and other mixers. After getting used to pouring from bottles, bartenders start to learn to feel how much they are pouring, making the practice intuitive.

Not everything in the bar has to be complicated, and sometimes you just want to pour a cold beer into a casual glass. Pick up a beer bottle opener that attaches to the wall so you never have to worry about finding one somewhere around the bar. In addition, one of the most important things about a bar is ice because no one wants hot toddies all of the time. Make sure to stock up on plenty of ice trays, keeping them full in the freezer in case company shows up unexpectedly.

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