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Cheers, to an in home bar! – kitchen remodeling by kitchen design concepts dallas, texas

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We love the idea of creating a separate space for our cocktails and beverages. The good news is that you don’t need a ton of space for your in-home bar. If you love to entertain, having a bar is a great place for people to gather around while socializing and waiting for their drinks.В  We’ve rounded up a few of our stylish and sleek favorite in-home bars to share with you, cheers!

in home bar


Common places for your bar would be in your kitchen, living space, and dining room. This particular bar has been incorporated into the kitchen. It comes complete with wine storage and an ice machine, how convenient!

bars for homes


This sleek bar has its own separate space perpendicular to the living room. В It has extra counter space for crafting the perfect cocktail and allows for easy clean up with the sink.

home bar furnishings


This gorgeous bar is on the larger side, but it can be done if you have the space for it. It’s fit with a sink, beverage unit, and plenty of storage. This stunning bar is large enough to allow seating for your guests!

home bar decor


Here our clients are using their space very wisely. In the hallway connecting the kitchen and dining area they have incorporated a wine fridge, wine storage, and a glass front cabinet to display beautiful glassware. This is perfect for entertaining in both the kitchen and dining space.

No matter where you place the bar, having good counter space, a sink, and storage is very important. An added bonus (shown in this bar) would be having under-counter refrigeration to keep your beverages nice and cold.В  Cheers to that!

This sleek and simple bar is right off the kitchen. It almost serves as an extension to the kitchen with matching cabinetry, complete with under-counter refrigeration. We love this modern look!

Surprise your guests with this addition that ties into your living space. This functional and attractive bar allows you to serve your guests through the opening while also having space for storage, a sink, and a glass display cabinet.

We hope you enjoyed our favorite bars! Now, is it 5 o’clock yet? Cheers!

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