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Imagine a traditional living room and what do you see? A burning fire, comfortable pillows and some sturdy oak furniture are all the trademark features of a welcoming room. Whether your living room is a center of relaxation or a hub of activity, you’ll find mission furniture that fits in perfectly, and becomes ideal family heirlooms. Contrast the deep wood color with a burgundy rug and some matching pillows for added luxury, and it will become a room you simply don’t want to leave.

furniture mission style


Dining room mission furniture is the ideal setting for tantalizing family meals, along with those tempting romantic ones. Choose a dining room table in a style you love, from the classic to the contemporary, and Nicolas II chairs in a matching style. A chic dinnerware set will look divine in the matching china cabinet and buffet.

shaker mission style furniture


After a more traditional vibe for your room? Bedroom mission furniture is perfect for creating a relaxed environment that looks amazing. For those who need plenty of storage, opt for a Dakota European style featuring large drawers, contrasted with jewel-colored curtains. A Sedona slatted bed is ideal for those who love classical stylings, and makes a perfect set with wooden drawers or a tall wooden wardrobe.

mission furniture kits


Once you’ve chosen your new furniture, it’s time to accessorize it to maximum effect. Opt for a duvet set in an eye-catching color-grays, burgundies and deep blues are ideal. A vintage-style mirror adds functional appeal, while still looking great. In addition, throw in contrasting color accents to add luxury and comfort. For a coordinated look, pick a key color and work it into rooms around the house. Kitchen gadgets, curtains and pillows are all easy ways to keep the color going easily!

mission style furniture kits


Find your dream collection of mission furniture for every room at Macy’s!

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